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On Saturday 5th December, the Parish of St. John the Baptist together with St. John’s Community Care and Redlynch Day Care Centre held our annual Christmas Carols, where the Greek school students and the Parishioners of St. John the Baptist together with client’s and children from the Child Care Centre performed several Christmas Carols. There were other guests who also performed Christmas carols. The Christmas Carols were enjoyed by hundreds of people; there was no doubt that the Christmas Carols were successful. On Sunday 6th December, The Greek school students had their graduation day, performing a Christmas play, a Greek version of Scrooge and dances that accompanied with the play. There was a Fish luncheon, a visit from Santa Claus and gifts for the children. There was a presentation and the students received their reports. I would like to thank our Parish President Theo Bacalakis, our Parish Board members, the ladies of the Philoptochos, Greek school teachers, Dance group teachers and Sunday school teachers for their dedication and hard efforts. I would also like to thank Thomas Triantafilou and Zacharias Parimeros for all their time and contributions throughout the year. The year started on New Years day with Matins & Divine Liturgy and the cutting of the Vassilopita. The Vassilopita was blessed then cut and given to the Parish President, Board members, Chanter, ladies of the Philoptochos, Greek school and Sunday school teachers and to the Parishioners where Stella Parimeros received the Gold coin and the Icon of St. John the Baptist. Sunday 10th January we celebrated Epiphany by throwing the Cross at Trinity Beach. It was well attended. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances the beach was closed due to many Irukandji’s in the water. The celebrations continued on and there was a lovely picnic luncheon. After the luncheon Father Menelaos and the Parish President Theo Bacalakis presented the children aged from 5-15 years of age with their medallions. Despite the closure the beach, everybody had a great day. I would also like to thank you all for welcoming me to your homes, to be able to bless your houses so you all could receive Christ into your homes for the New Year. I look forward to a spiritual year, may you receive every blessing from above.
God Bless
+Fr. Menelaos