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We could divide Holy Lent into three Parts. The first part is the first week which is called
Cheese Fare Week. This week is from Meat Fare Sunday evening up to Cheese Fare Sunday
and symbolizes the time of the first created in paradise. God gave them the command that
they could eat of all the fruit in paradise but one. So in this week our Church tells us that we
can eat anything except meat.

The second part of Holy Lent is the period of 6 weeks of Lent from Clean Monday up to
Palm Sunday. The third part is Holy Week, from Holy Monday up to Holy Saturday evening.
Lent is not an invention of people and especially of monks and priests.
Lent is a commandment of God, which he gave to Adam and Eve initially, and later on to the
people who believed in Him. Lent is for combating our human passions, lent elevates the
soul and gives health to the body.

Christ taught with words, therefore before He begun to preach, He Himself fasted for 40
days. He fasted to teach us for three main reasons, firstly to show us that no matter how high
we may ascend spiritually, our soul and our body requires fasting. Secondly to teach us that
our flesh requires educating and lent is a way of teaching the flesh. Thirdly we learn from the
preaching’s of the Lord in the Gospels, that lent together with prayer, have such power that
they drive out Satan and his schemes.

A lot of people think that Lent is difficult to observe, some people think that Lent can harm
their health. In fact Lent does great wonders to our soul and body. If anyone has an illness
and have concerns, they should obtain a blessing from their spiritual father or from their local
priest if there is no confessor available in the region. The priest or the confessor will sit with
the Parishioner and advise on how they should follow the Lenten period. Lent has been
proven to do good to our soul and body. Some people with terminal illnesses still follow the
Lenten period strictly, which gives them strength to overcome there illness. Through prayer
and Lent everything is possible.

It is amazing to see when our Doctor tells us to go on a diet, you see how quickly we obey
the Doctor, sadly when the Church prescribes a Lenten diet, it’s amazing how many people
avoid fasting but people don’t realize the benefits of fasting. Fasting will save the soul.
Fasting and prayer go together.

In The Lords Richest Blessing
+Fr. Menelaos

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